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This industrial town is also a famous seaside resort, with an extensive beach bordered by a flourishing pine grove. The Parish Church of San Leopoldo, a church which dates to 1836-38, is interesting because of the original combination of materials used in its construction – cast iron, stone and wood. The Biblioteca Comunale is also of interest for its exhibition models of 19th-century smelting installations.

Punta Ala
This rocky zone lies at the southern tip of the gulf of Follonica. This patch of land is almost untouched, with a beach of fine sand crowned by a dense Mediterranean shrub which reaches down to the sea. In the last twent:o years Punta Ala has become an exclusive residential area.

Castiglion della Pescaia
Well known seaside resort on the Maremman coast.. Castiglion della Pescaia has a lovely beach and varied cliffs along the sea. The picturesque portcanal is always full of fishing boats and yachts. There is also a fine pine grove set above the city which here and there reaches right down to the sea. Clinging to a hillside and esclosed within a solid circuit of walls, the old medieild town of Castiglione Castello is dominated by the fuse Aragonese fortress of the 14th-15th century.


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